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Cobotracks is located in Genk at Thor Park, more specifically in the IncubaThor. This is the ideal base for start-ups and expanding companies. The company offers solutions to companies that want to increase the reach of their cobot. With the Linear Motion Kit, the cobot moves over a linear track in order to, for example, stack different pallets.

This kit has UR Caps software, which is compatible with cobots from Universal Robots and guarantees a simple plug & play solution. The “Linear Motion Axis” offers a solution to increase the range of other cobot brands.

In other words: Cobotracks offers tailor-made solutions that extend the reach of any type of cobot by allowing them to move along a linear track. Whether this is for stacking pallets, operating multiple machines or welding large pallets.


Cobotracks developed the “Linear Motion Kit” with UR+ certification for Universal Robots “UR3/5/10/16 (and e-series)”. This means our LMKs have been tested and approved by Universal Robots. Buyers are therefore assured of easy installation, reliable operation, a smooth user experience, and simple programming.


For all other companies that market cobots, there is the “Linear Motion Axis”. This offers a solution to increase the reach of the cobot.


Every business and application for the cobots is different, regardless of whether you want to get started with our “Linear Motion Kit” or our “Linear Motion Axis”. We analyse your challenge, and our engineers work with you to develop the right solution.

About Cobotracks - expertise


Cobotracks has only just been established, but can already draw on more than 25 years of expertise in the niche of linear technology (spin-off from Vansichen Linear Technology). By only working with the very best engineers with experience and expertise in this niche, they think “out-of-the-box” to propose unparalleled and customised solutions. Whether this is a simple installation or a very complex set-up, the Cobotracks engineers work with the customer to develop the best solution.

About Cobotracks - quality


By using worldwide and first-class components (including SEW), Cobotracks are made to perform on every level. Faster, increased range, etc. In addition, the rapid availability of the components is not a problem, which is very important for the continuity of production.

About Cobotracks - customize


At Cobotracks, we are more than aware that every business has different requirements. Every company has specific activities that always have specific production requirements. Thanks to the many years of expertise that we can rely on, we know how we can tailor our products perfectly based on the needs of the customer.

About Cobotracks - communication


At Cobotracks, we attach great importance to personal communication and service. No changing points of contact or suppliers creating tickets. We strive to communicate as quickly and personally as possible. Whether the project is in the initial phase, the development phase, or in after-service, we are there for you with our expertise, advice and solutions.