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Universal Robots

7 October 2019

Cobotracks LMK kits have a UR+ certificate. This means they can be optimally integrated with cobots from Universal Robots, the market leader.

Universal Robots was founded in 2005 and is a Danish manufacturer of collaborative robots. Almost fifteen years later, the company is at the top of the cobot market and specialises in various models and accessories for cobots. UR is convinced that collaborative robot techniques boost and support production and the working environment. Whether it is a small or large company, extensive or short activity, cobots from UR are ready.


Cobots ensure increased productivity

The Universal cobot is a device that can safely work with people. For example, the robot arms have been developed so they can support staff at all production levels. This means they can increase productivity and reduce injuries. Universal Robots has launched several cobot models on the market: UR3, UR5, UR10 (and their e-versions) and UR16e.

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Universal Robots + solutions

To optimally use the Universal cobots, there are a lot of accessories available, as well as software. They are often offered by other companies, but they are developed in such a way that they can be perfectly integrated with a cobot from Universal Robots. Is that the case? Then the product gets an UR+ certified label. They were tested and approved for this. Moreover, Universal Robots+ is an online showroom on which all different applications and software are exhibited. There you can tailor your UR robot application to your wishes. Examples of these products are end-effectors, vision cameras, grippers, range extenders and so on.


Range extender

The tracks from Cobotracks are an example of an Universal cobot accessory. The tracks increase the range or working area of the cobot. This results in a UR range extender. To make the cobot move smoothly over those tracks, Cobotracks developed the “Linear Motion Kit”. The kit also ensures the cobot can be controlled from the robot controller at the same time. Because UR has different cobot models, the Linear Motion Kits have also been adjusted accordingly. This means each model (and their e-versions) has its own kit. The UR3 can be equipped with the LMK3 B/BS, UR5 with the LMK5 B/BS, UR10 with the LMK10 B/BS and UR16 with the LMK16 B/BS.


Would you like more information about the “Linear Motion Kit” or Cobotracks? Do not hesitate to contact us.